Baklava Production Line

General Details

ELIN’s Baklava Production Line is suitable for producing every kind of filo recipe for baklava, like, Syrian, Beirut’s, Turkish and Greek. It can produce the thinnest filo in the world, ever made by industrial production. It can reach a minimum filo thickness of 80 μm (0.08 mm). The operation philosophy is based on the laminating method, which has the advantage of a stress free process, giving a final product that is identical in texture and taste with the hand-crafted one.

The productivity process is separated into the following steps:

1)     Lamination of the dough

2)     Stretching of the dough (with special mechanism), for further lamination

3)     Stabilization of the Filo

4)     Drying (remove humidity) of the dough, to avoid sticking between the layers.

5)     Cooling of the dough

6)     Collecting of the final product.

The importance of putting no stress on the dough is common knowledge in the bakery industry. We think of dough as something alive which must be treated as a fragile product. This mentality has been incorporated in our machinery early from the design phase in order to produce a stress free process which gives a final product with unparalleled quality.

ELIN’s Baklava Production Line (BL100) has a productivity of 80kg/hour of finished product (filo pastry).

Technical Specifications:
Burek Production Line BL100
Electricity (Voltage/Hz/ Phase) 380/50/3
Power (KW) 7
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 1.800x200x225
Filo width (cm) 80
Minimum filo thickness (mm) 0.14
Productivity (kg/h) 80
Production Range