Burek Production Line

General Details

Burek is a traditional product which can be seen in many countries but mainly in the Balkan Region and Turkey. Burek can have many different names such as burek, byrek, börek, spring rolls, pies, pita, bougatsa, brik etc. The main advantage of these products compared to the puff pastry products is their low fat percentage. Vegetable oil can also be used, which makes these products a very healthy snack.

ELIN’s Burek Production Line produces the filo pastry using any kind of recipe, shapes it, adds oil and filling and cuts it into the desirable dimensions. The progressive thining of the product’s thickness is done using the lamination method which doesn’t stress the product and gives it a texture and taste similar to the hand crafted one. Our Burek Production Line has the ability to group the desirable number of filo layers, oil them on both their sides (patented process) and fill them with the desirable dose of filling (sweet, cream, salty, vegetable, meat etc).

ELIN has developed innovations and has patented many parts of the production procedure for the improvement of the production process.

Additionally, ELIN’s Burek Production Line has a wide range of filling systems (lobe gear pumps, volumetric, piston depositors, mono pumps, transfer pumps).

We have the flexibility to design and adapt the Burek production line according to your recipe.

Technical Specifications:
Burek Production Line SRB 80 SRB 100 SRB 120 SRB 150
Electricity (Voltage/Hz/ Phase) 380 / 50 / 3 380 / 50 / 3 380 / 50 / 3 380 / 50 / 3
Power (KW) 8,6 9,2 10,2 10,8
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 1.400 x 130 x 225 1.580 x 170 x 225 1.780 x 190 x 245 1.880 x 220 x 245
Filo width (cm) 80 100 120 150
Minimum filo thickness * 200μm (0.20mm) 100μm (0.1mm) 100μm (0.10mm) 100μm (0.10mm)
Productivity ** 300 – 400 kg/h 650 – 800 kg/h 750 – 900 kg/h 1.000 – 1.200 kg/h
Production Range