Katayifi Machine

General Details

ELIN Katayifi machine is the ideal equipment for best quality katayifi. Katayifi are also known as angel’s hair. It is used in confectionary but the last years it is widely spread in cooking as well.

ELIN Katayifi machine is a special designed machine utilizing a revolving hot plate to produce Katayifi product. The dough pulp is mixed into the special mixer (1st part) and then transferred into the buffer tank (2nd part). This way, the mixer remains free for mixing another batch. The pulp then flows through the depositor and drips on the revolving hot plate (3rd part) to be cooked and eventually collected on the collecting table (4th part).

ELIN’s Katayifi machine range has one model available. K-230 with 230cm revolving plate diameter and productivity 70 – 80kg/h.

Technical Specifications:
Katayifi Machine K 230
Dough Capacity up to 80 kg/h
Electricity (Voltage/Hz/ Phase) 380V/50Hz/ 3phase
Power 3,0 KW
Thermal Capacity Max 80KW
Production Range