Pita Flat Bread Production

General Details

ELIN Pita Flat Bread production line has been developed in order to produce a big variety of products such as, flat bread, Pizza base, pita toast and various types of traditional breads, like Somun, Barbari, Sangak, Lavash, Laffa, Bazlama bread.

Pita bread is product becoming very popular product year after year. ELIN has completed many demanding projects around the world and has the know how in order to help you and reach a solution that will best suit your needs.

Production capacity starts from 3000 pieces per hour up to your neads.

The Diameter, the shape and the size of the product can be adjusted upon request.

ELIN is capable to provide the equipment for the whole procedure of the pita bread. ELIN pita bread machine consists of the following parts:

  • Dough Lamination (zero stress system procedure)
  • Proffer (with environmental control and timing)
  • Processing bench (use friendly)
  • Oven (high temperature tunnel oven ideal for pita flat bread)
  • Cooling (spiral cooling systems for this type product)
  • Collecting
Technical Specifications:
Pita Flat Bread Production Line Model Depending on the Customer’s Specification
Electricity (Voltage/Hz/ Phase) 380/ 50/ 3phase
Power (KW) Depending on the model
Overall Length Depending on the model
Filo width Depending on the model
Minimum filo thickness Depending on the model
Operational Speed 15 – 36m/min for filo production (adjustable)
Productivity (Depending on the filo thickness) From 5.000 pieces/h
Production Range