Automatic Tunnel Dryer-Oven for Trolleys at Kriton Artos Company


In mid-September, we equipped the CRETON ARTOS factory in Heraklion with an ELIN Automatic Tunnel Oven-Dryer. The tunnel is 7 meters long and has the ability to bake or dry products in two rows of 6 carts.

The 12 product carts are driven through the tunnel at an adjustable speed through the Automatic Cart Propulsion System towards the exit.

The two baking-drying zones with the ability to adjust the temperature and with the ability to adjust the temperature difference between them 60° – 70°C whenever this is desired as well as the three stainless steel turbines of high pressure and adjustable speed for each exchanger for uniform supply, distribution and circulation of hot air inside the tunnel achieve absolute uniformity of baking as well as drying of the products.

While at the same time the fully automatic operation of the tunnel by the user is done through the adjustable inverters through PLC and Touch Screen with the possibility of storing baking or drying programs.

Project Info

Project Date: 09/2018

Project Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece